Turquoise and Coral

I got something sort of special recently.

It is not a necessity, nor is it cold enough to really use with complete surrender. It has pops of color and handwoven stitching. It’s got a ridiculous amount of pattern and will warm you just by looking at it. It was toted home in a large paper bag and was drooled over so much that it could probably use a good washing. It was special. It was gorgeous. It spoke to me.

It’s a beautiful patchwork quilt full of oranges and blues. It’s bold, and independent, and sort of grandmotherly. I love it.

Good grief, I’m addicted to color.

You may not always be able to tell by looking at me. I wear a lot of neutral tones. And a lot of black. But I’m slowly gaining speed on the pops-of-color train. Be patient with me. It takes a lot of guts to wear a mustard yellow cardigan. (But, oh how I want to!)

I have, however, had some courage when it comes to adding color into my home. It can be a tricky thing, but I’m learning a lot about how to do it right. I still don’t have full freedom yet, as we rent our home and have to keep our walls eggshell white. But, this girl has dreams. Oh, she’s got dreams.

So, here’s the thing. I go through seasons of obsession over a certain color. Right now, I’m all about pairing dazzly turquoise with rusty colors like orange, coral, and muted peach. Mmm. Yes.

Inspired by my new quilt, I decided to share some images to help stir awake your creativity for your own style. I’ve put together some collages using images from my latest preoccupation, Pinterest. You think Facebook sucks you in? Good Lord – Pinterest will keep you surfing for hours on end. I count on the people who love me ┬áin my life to pry my eyes away from the computer screen when I’ve entered the Pinterest world. It’s just – so infectious! Check it out. It’s a designer’s dream – the ability to create inspiration boards, online. It’s fabuloso.

Ready to take a peek at what I’m lovin’?

That umbrella photograph is the cutest ever. And those blue tinged watering cans? Ugh. Love!

I stinkin’ love that outfit. And those turquoise peep-toe heels! Stellar.

That armoire is so fun. And that fan?! Shut up. How about the beach photo? So ethereal and serene.

I’m diggin’ the cool blues with the warm orange-tones, folks. It’s just so much fun.

What colors are singing to you right now?