Mountain Air.

There is something so magical about the way light reflects off water, or how the sky lights up in color, or how a cool breeze can lift your spirit.

Or how about the comfort of collapsing into an embrace, or getting the giggles so hard your eyes water, or taking a minute to just – be. Present. Now.

I miss these things.

I miss these things because my mind is preoccupied. It has disregarded opportunity for peace and stability and has traded them in for stress and fear.

Not my finest of moments.

I will be taking some time away from my blog. To find myself, center myself, and then start believing in myself. But! Do not worry, my dearest friends. It won’t be too long. In just a few short months, I will be back here – rediscovered and much more assured. I’m so excited to continue sharing life with everyone – to let my love for beautiful things come out in the form of written word. I’m going to miss it. A lot.

Sometimes we just need to catch our breath, fix our tattered sails, and allow joy to sweep us up again.

God – Give me space for healing, and mountain air.

Psalm 69:29

Mmm… How about I meet you at the top.

The view is always better up there.


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