With this ring …

… may you always know one thing – the little that I have to give, I will give it all to you.

You’re my one true love.

(Sleeping at Last)

Tomorrow will mark three years of marriage to my absolute best friend and true love.

Which means, a whole lot of excursions for us! But sadly, not a whole lot of treats for you.

Tuesdays typically knock on dessert’s door and demand sweet things. However, tomorrow’s Tuesday will be knocking on the door of adventure. And that? Well, that just can’t be ignored.

We have some amazing things planned for the day and I’m stoked to report back to you how it all went. But in the meantime, I will leave you with a few mushy-gushy-lovey things to enjoy in honor of mine and Andy’s ridiculous amount of love for each other.

So, I came across Andy’s vows to me a few months ago. That little wrinkly sheet of paper with scribbles and misspelled words is so humbling to me. To know Andy’s heart toward me, and to know the depth of his affection – it makes me realize how loved I am by the Father, that He would send me someone so amazing, someone who would love me in a way that reflects the Father’s love toward me. I feel so unworthy of it all.

It just, flat out, boggles my mind.

I wanted to share our vows with you all. Some of you will remember being there with us as we exchanged them. Some of you will be seeing them for the first time. They’re sappy and sweet and full of love. An unquenchable sort of love. And they’re completely from our guts.

Andy’s Vows

I remember the way the sky looked as I drove down the highway, asking God if He thought this was a good idea. And I remember the sound of His laughter, from the days when we were continually accused of having way too much fun to this moment, I have fallen for a beauty that is worth giving my life for. I was not there the day that He sang the song that brought out the stars, but I hear the notes echoing when I’m with you. It’s a daring thing to love forever, to make a promise too splendid for myself. But I will not dare not to dare. I will remain in love, and He in me. From here to our home in the sky, my love is yours.

My Vows

The rhythm of your heart, the pulse of Love Himself, sings out a life of romance. Melody swells and resounds into a symphony of authenticity. You’ve captivated me. Our symmetry finds shape through the spontaneity, rhapsody, curiosity of a longing heart. Mystery intrigues me. His nature is that of consonance, the kind from which flowers push through winter snows, where galaxies are within reach, and visions are watching themselves become reality. And so He, in the kindness of His love, gave me you. The harmony to my own melody.

Genuine is your love for me, Andy. And for that, I could do nothing less than love you with the same devotion that you’ve poured out so freely towards me. I am yours for the rest of my life.

The winds are sounding the movement of love. Breathing it in, life fills our lungs and we are bound for Home once again. Curiosity peaks interest in the quest and with a key in our hand, locks in the dust, we move forward, singing a song called Grace. Rest obtainable, adventure tangible, the beat in our chest is uncontrollable. But the beat in His? UNCONTAINABLE.

He is too much to hold in… just like this love He has gifted us with. Arise, my love, and come away. Let’s journey together.

These past three years have been an incredible time full of uninhibited love, deep friendship, and adventurous encounters. And I can’t believe I’m stepping into a whole new year with him. I’m blessed beyond words. This guy is my favorite. And my best. And he brings so much life to my spirit. I can’t believe he chose me, and that he loves me through and through.

We are both so grateful for our friends and family, for supporting us and for believing in us. For speaking encouraging things over us and for loving us. Those things do not go unnoticed.

I remember planning for our wedding – I remember the two of us sitting there, realizing how amazing everyone around us was for supporting our love. We decided to put together a special video for our friends to be shown during our ceremony. It was our way of saying “Thank you” to everyone for being so invested in us, and to communicate how deeply loved we all are by the Father.

Today, I want to say thank you again. And I figured, what better way than to show our little video we played on that day three years ago.

Take a peaksie:

From the depth of us, we are so incredibly grateful for everyone’s love and friendship. For inspiring us to live outrageous and radical lives, in love, and in trust.

Thank you for being with us. And thank you for being you.


One thought on “With this ring …

  1. Thanks for being you! And, thanks for allowing me to remember that beautiful day with you. It is a beautiful memory. Love you guys!! Happy Aniversary!

    Your Big Sis

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