Treatsie Tuesdays! (Frozen Banana Bites)

The air is hot. The kind of hot that makes you sweat. The kind of sweat that makes you thirsty. The kind of thirsty that makes you want banana bites. Oh – thirsty didn’t make you think of banana bites? You must know how to control your desire for sweets. I? I can use pretty much anything as an excuse to feed my aggressive love for desserty treats. Please don’t let me get away with this.

So – let’s talk banana bites. They’re cold and sweet, They’re small and quirky. They’re crunchy and frosty. They’re dang good. You’ll make them. And  you’ll thank me. And then I’ll thank this lovely lady from Framed Cooks for inspiring me to make these. And she’ll thank Bon Appétit for coming up with the idea in the first place.

First things first… our victims. You’ll need bananas (organic, if you can), coconut oil, chocolate chips, and various crunchy toppings such as toasted coconut, chopped peanuts, and oreos (I used Newman-O’s).

Grab your chocolate chips. Dump them in a double boiler.

Plop in the coconut oil. During the winter time, my coconut oil is hard as a rock. But today, because of the warmth, it was all goozy and such.

Let that melt all together. Stir it every once in a while. Once it’s all melted, let it sit off the heat for a bit to thicken.

While the chocolate cools, have a large fistfull of toasted coconut little taste of toasted coconut. Mmm. Toasty. Coconuty. It’s sublime isn’t it? I could eat that stuff by the bucket-load.

When you’re done dreaming about coconut, cut up your banana and chop your toppings.

You should be left with a delightfully variegated display of goodies.

Now it’s time to check on the chocolate. Mine was alarmingly drizzly.

This was not going to work – I want a bulky sweater of chocolate on my bananas. Not a silk camisole. So – I stuck it in the fridge for a bit.

Hmm… what to do while my chocolate cools. Oi vey… I know what needs to be done.

Yikes. Look at that pile! Scary thing is – it’s been so much worse. I cook a lot. Cooking requires dishes. The dishes require hands. And hands are not always able – or willing. But, I’m diving in. Wish me well.

Okay… the dishes are done. Let’s check on that chocolate.

This is better. It’s more gloopy. Gloopy is good.

Go ahead and drop your banana right into the bowl.

Cover that sucker in chocolate. Use your fingers. It’s messy. And you get to lick them after.

Plop the chocolatey banana onto a pile of goods. Roll it around a bit and get it really well coated.

Now – you need to freeze these guys. You can put them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Or if you’re like me and have very little room in your freezer, cut squares of parchment paper and layer the banana bites in a tupperware container. This works for me. I can fit a square easier than I can fit a large flat rectangle.

Stick them in the freezer and let the bananas get all frosty – a few hours should do it.

When they’re good and ready – take out a few, stick them on a cute plate, pour a glass of water because, remember, you’re thirsty (which is why we made these babies in the first place) and curl up with this month’s issue of Relevant magazine. You’ll be happy to see the Civil Wars on the cover!

You can find the recipe here.

I don’t even have to say “enjoy these.” I know you will. 🙂

Mmm. Yum.


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