On weddings and the glory of the farmer’s market.

Did you know that I love weddings? I do. I truly do. I know a lot of times they can leave you with a wide open yawn and a grumbly stomach, but call me a sap… I enjoy the love. It’s mushy and teary and completely genuine. And you know what else? There’s dancing! So, I donned my flirty high heels, threw on my vintage laced tank, dangled some pearls from my ears, struck a pose to my hubs and said, “Babe – let’s do this.” Coffee in hand, we left bright and early Saturday morning. Destination: Stowe, VT – The Trapp Family Lodge! It was a beautiful wedding. We had a blast. Take a peek at the sweet couple…

They are so in love.

Andy twirled me around the dance floor. I shot him googly eyes. We danced until our feet hurt. It was lovely.

Because the wedding was so far from home, we ended up staying in Stowe for the night. Have you ever been to Stowe? It’s ridiculously quaint and wildly trendy. Organic, farm-fresh everything. We hit up a cute little cafe for breakfast and had smoothies and green goddess breakfast sandwiches. Mmm. Before hitting the town, we decided to go back to our place and play a dangerous round of “Marco Polo” in the pool. My thumb ended up in Andy’s toothy mouth, his hand/arm? ended up slapping me in the face. Oh, it was ferocious. Beware of the Marco Polo. You may bleed.

On to more fun and injury-free news… We stumbled upon our very first Farmer’s Market of the season – and it was heaven!

We found freshly baked bread…

Super green cucumbers…

And bright red rhubarb, which I plan on making these with…

We then dined on some Farmer’s Market Grub. Pizza and Pulled Pork Sammies. Oi vey!

We were in bliss. Stowe is an amazing place to visit. Go there. You’ll see really old cars, drive around curvy dirt roads, and eat made-that-day cheese. You’ll love it.

And visit A Special Place because, well, it’s a special place. And because they have chocolate. And cheese. And, according to their sign, teddy bears (although we were saddened to not find any especially special teddy bears.) But, please! For the love of all things good in this world… enter the chocolate shop and order a chocolate banana ice cream cone. It will change your life. Guaranteed.


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