Listen – I can make it through Jillian Michaels’ DVDs and  (almost) live, which is quite the accomplishment if you ask me. I can do rockstar jumps, mountain climbers, chair squats with a ‘v’ fly, and  scissor jacks like a mad woman. So… I’m thinkin’ to myself… “Zumba? Piece of chocolate mouse pie with raspberries on top. Bring it on.”

…………  I was sweating in places I never knew had sweat glands. I mean, really. Zumba?! Just some cha-cha here and merengue there, right? Well it’s the cha-cha, alright. The cha-cha on narcotics. Good grief, I got my sweat on. I walked out of the gym dripping and smelling like a man. It was fabulous.

I topped off my morning dance with a bite out of this hot little number – Chocolate Almond Butter Coconut Fudgies!* Big thanks to Cupcake Kat and her love for healthy things in the form of chocolate yumminess.

Now, let me tell you that this is no ordinary cookie. This is not to replace or be compared to those sweetly buttery, crumblyy, chewy, faintly crisp on the edges, cookies that Mommas always make. No, no, no. That is a real cookie. This, my friends, is different. It’s a bit dense, resembling somewhat of a brownie in the center. It’s health conscious. It’s chewy. It’s fudgy. It requires no gluten and is vegan, if you want it to be. It’s a treat when you’re just craving something chocolatey after zumba-ing your tushy off. But it’s the kind of treat you can feel great about – because the fats in it come straight from the almond, and only requires an eentsie amount of sugar. Try them. You’ll love ’em. Bake them on a rainy day while listening to this album. Trust me. It will blow your mind.

❤ K.

*Just a note: I used crunchy salted almond butter which gave this a yummy salty-sweet complex. I also used ground flax seed and subbed in coconut milk.


One thought on “Z-z-z-zumba!

  1. I love your description of these. It makes me want to have them again! I’m glad you enjoyed them and I love that you used coconut milk. I bet they tasted really good. I’ve never done Zumba but it sound like a lot of fun, I would like to do it sometime

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